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eyelash extensions in Spring Hill Florida
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Now servicing Spring Hill, Brooksville, Homosassa, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Holiday, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Tampa Florida.
Semi-Permanent lashes, Temporary lashes, 3D-4D-5D-6D Eyelash Extensions.

Over 10,000 eyelash extensions applications, 10 years of excellent performance.

Information is posted below to give you the most adequate and updated information available for you to be informed of the Eyelash Extension procedures.
*All Semi-permanent eyelash extensions (Full-sets) will require a $50 deposit that will go towards your scheduled appointment.
* Failure to appear or cancel within a 24 hour period will forfeit deposit and a new deposit will be required before rescheduling.

Eyelash extension fills:
A 24 hour cancellation is a must, or a service fee will be need to be paid before another appointment will be scheduled! (fill price=$65)

- If you have had your eyelash extensions done elsewhere, there will be a minimum fee of $100 for a 'fill' for a first time
appointment. Due to the Groupon specials online, clients are coming to me to fix these discount lashes. I cannot guarantee my work nor
do I know what kind of products or inferior adhesives these people are using. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When thinking about your lashes...

When looking to choose the right eyelash extension for you, you need to take into consideration of your over-all end looking result that
works best for your eyes and your life style. There are 4 different curvatures of lashes along with 3 different thicknesses to chose from.

.15mm  lashes are the thinnest lashes. (softer look)
.20mm  lashes are the medium thickness of lashes.
.25mm  lashes are the thickest lashes. (thick look)
*You can mix and match lashes to customize your look.*

"J' curve eyelashes are the lashes with the least amount of curvature.
"B" curve eyelashes are the 'middle' curve lashes that curls up on the ends.
"C" curve eyelashes are the more curly lashes that curl up and open up the eye.
"D" curve eyelashes are the most extreme lashes you can get. Very very curly.
*You can mix and match lashes to customize your look.


Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
How it's done...

Eyelash Extensions are applied individually by hand to each of your own lashes for a totally natural look. This treatment involves attaching anywhere between 40, 80, 100 individual lashes depending on the density of your own lashes and the effect that you are going for. The procedure take approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on the amount of lashes applied.

Eyelash Extension in New Port Richey Florida Pasco County


With the proper care and maintenance, individual eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks with out a fill. However, eye lashes continually grow out on a replenishing cycle. This makes the average "lash" life cycle is about 45-60 days. The extensions attached to "new" lashes will last longer than the ones attached to fully-developed lashes, since they will be shed sooner. This creates the need for touch-ups every 3-4 weeks. This fee can range from $65.00 and up depending on the amount of replacement lashes.


Groupon Warning!

-Latest update on "Groupon" coupon for eyelash extensions.

If your thinking about getting those discounted eyelash extensions on Groupon you may want to think again.
I have had numerous clients coming into me telling me of their horrible experiences and "rip-offs" they had received purchasing these local groupons
for eyelash extensions. It seems this is an ongoing 'theme". Women are purchasing these discounted eyelash extension and when trying to redeem
them they are finding out that they are being told that the tech is already booked for weeks and by the time they can get you in, these groupon
would be expired. Realize that if this is a single girl doing this service and sells over 250 of these coupons, and along with the returning fills
scheduled, there are not enough hours in a week to do all of these services. I have had repeated clients coming in and telling me the same
coupon purchased and same location through Groupon have experienced this same occurrence. Then the ones that have actually
been able to schedule an appointment have had to wait for over an hour to 2 hours because of the overbooking. Then the service they
had received was: rude service, rushed applications, inadequate product application causing the lashes to clump together. Please take the time to google information on these coupon/Groupons and salons before purchasing these discounts. Sometimes you get what you pay for..

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